Saturday, January 29, 2011

Technology & Special Education

I recently had the opportunity to borrow an IPad to use with my students with special needs.  It was amazing!  I have students who have Autism, language deficits, behavior disorders, and learning disorders.  To observe the students and their interaction with this device was AMAZING!

The students who are not willing to speak, spoke.

The students who hate school worked hard to earn the IPad as a reward--positive reinforcement.

The students who know school is hard and easily shutdown, wanted to know when they could work on their numbers and letters on the "computer thing."

The opportunities technology can provide can open a gateway for each and every student!

What technology will you implement this year to support your students with special needs?


  1. I am currently a prospecting Special Education teacher and also a Direct Support Professional to individuals with disabilities and I must say that I love getting to use adaptive technology with my clients! My family recently donated money to purchase an iPad for client use at my workplace and the clients absolutely LOVE it! It's so great to be able to see individuals with severe motor disabilities be able to do things such as art, music, and even speaking with the devices we have for them and the iPad. I wish there were more opportunities for technology like the iPad for younger special education students in their classrooms.

    1. It is so inspiring to hear your story! Thanks for sharing. With the technology we have, it is amazing all the doors we can open for students with special needs. I look forward to what the future will bring to the world of education especially!